Boxes and books are in fact packagings.
In addition to the protective function, which they almost always have, these packages often give a certain appearance to the presentation of the content. In other words, by giving their shape and appearance an added value.

A standard form that is suitable for any content does not exist.
Each content deserves its own approach, which has just been an exact fit. Of course, taking into account the function, use, purpose, in short, the wishes of the customer.

Sometimes a perfectly protective clamshell box for precious prints or a book is needed. No frills, extremely functional. Another time a "story" must be added to the content. Then it begins playing with shapes, materials and colours, resulting in a unique copy.
For a sheet or sheets of paper, or pictures, the same applies. These can be bundled as a book, but also loose a "pack". Endless are the possibilities of snaping paper or manifesting in all kinds of contemporary bindings, book structures and forms of presentation.

The quality of the shape, the structure, the functionality and the finish should of course be of a high level and I am highly accustomed to it. This applies to both books and boxes.

I am in a position to find and make a suitable form, taking into account the personal wishes.
Many years of experience are the basis for this.

Come and talk about your wishes.

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