An active concept. A verb.

Designing the right box for the correct purpose, the criteria, the sketches, the construction drawings, the order of work and the finalization of the box.

A series of two workbooks: Part I: ‘construction and covering of functional boxes’, which deals with many rectangular base types, and Part II: "step-by-step plan and objective boxes", which includes the necessary activities prior to building a box (commissioned), and all kinds of non-rectangular boxes are described. This is done by means of a step-by-step explanation of how to build and cover a particular box, supported by illuminating drawings.

It is a clear guide for lovers / professionals who want to (learn) to make boxes in a solid and high quality way, from simple to very complicated.


© Cor Aerssens, 1998

The workbooks are in Dutch. Not available in English.

Workbook 'het dozen' part I: A4, 120 grs., About 200 pages. Price: € 37,50 per piece

Workbook 'het dozen' part II: A4, 120 grs., About 120 pages. Price: € 28,00 per piece

Workbooks part I & II together: Price: € 58,50

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