The step-by-step plan and the construction and covering of objective boxes

This workbook will firstly focus on all the activities that play a part in creating a box. This is done by means of an elaborated 'step-by-step plan', which gives you a view of the box to be built and is able to solve bottlenecks in advance. The terms and conditions, sketches, construction drawings, and the like are discussed herein. This 'step-by-step plan' is applicable to both simple and complicated boxes. It has arisen from daily practice.

This 'step-by-step plan' should be used with boxes with differing shapes in the bottom and the lid that are being discussed. The creation of all sorts of possibilities with angular and concave and convex shapes in boxes are described clearly, with illuminating drawings. This concerns both their construction and the covering.



  1. The step-by-step plan
  2. The construction and covering of objective boxes: 'angular boxes'
  3. The construction and covering of object-like boxes: 'boxes of concave and convex forms’.


© Cor Aerssens, 1998

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